Meet the Patterson Family

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The Heart of New Jersey's Water Treatment

At Patterson’s Water & Plumbing, we're more than just a business; we're a family with a value system of

Serving, Thoroughness, Integrity, Reputation and Education.

Our mission is to education our clients on the chemistry of their water and provide honest and effective solutions to all their water treatment & plumbing needs.

Our Humble Beginnings

It all started back in 1980 with NJ Master Plumber Norman Patterson. Norman was a plumber in North Jersey for many years. When he moved his family down to rural Jackson, NJ in 1974 he saw firsthand the effects well water had on a plumbing system and appliances. He was astonished that water can cause such damage and corrosion to pipes, fixtures and appliances. One thing led to another, and he soon started a new company, Patterson's Quality Water.

Catherine joined the company in 2001 and quickly learned the importance of water quality in everyday life. She obtained her NJ Master Plumbers License and has been the sole owner since 2006. Since then the company has taken on a plumbing division and changed it's name to Patterson's Water & Plumbing, where we can service our client's water needs thoroughly!

Each day our amazing team of experienced and educated men and woman, are ready to bring solutions to our clients' water quality needs.


Meet the 2nd Generation Owner!

Catherine, a second-generation owner, is passionate about water and about the lives of the people she serves. Her words echo her spirit, "But my greatest joy comes from observing my family, friends, and co-workers excel at what they are born to do and passionate about." She's more than an owner; she's a mentor and the heart that keeps Patterson's flowing with life.


Our Mission

Our mission flows from Catherine's core beliefs. It's about more than just providing water treatment & plumbing services; it's about educating our community, about creating honest and effective solutions, about being a family that serves your family. Our free water testing and customized solutions are mere reflections of our commitment to integrity, education, and phenomenal service.

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