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Water leaks may NOT always be top of mind.

That’s why it’s important to have security on your side.

We are Excited to Welcome WaterCop® to our Family of Products Here at Patterson’s Quality Water!


Did you know that approximately 25% of homeowners have experienced significant water damage from plumbing connection breaks, appliance leaks and broke or frozen pipes?  Now, you CAN protect your property from this potentially catastrophic damage. WaterCop® monitors high-risk plumbing locations where 94% of all leaks occur.



Why WaterCop®?

It doesn’t just detect leaks, it stops them.

Preventable water damage is now one of the most common causes of home insurance claims.  WaterCop® Automatic Water Shut-Off systems are a time-tested tool in reducing the chances of major household plumbing leaks. WaterCop® provides long term protection and can prevent the need for those insurance claims due to most common plumbing leaks.


Talk to your insurance provider about available discounts when you install a WaterCop® system through Patterson’s Quality Water.

The Proven Leader in Household Leak Protection:

WaterCop® is there when you’re not.


Perfect for primary residences. Critical for second homes.

When your house falls victim to common plumbing water leakage and catastrophic flooding, you could experience much more than structural and interior damage – your irreplaceable keepsakes can be destroyed in an instant as well. WaterCop® monitors your home 24/7, making it an invaluable investment especially for secondary residences, which are typically left unattended for extended periods.


Receive mobile alerts and control your WaterCop® system using the WaterCop® app on a phone or tablet. SmartConnect is compatible with Classic, Pro and Leak Stop+ systems.

Featured Products:

WaterCop® Pro

The WaterCop® Pro System adds valuable features like addressable sensors displayed on an LED screen, an improved user interface, and flexible installation options. Pro’s advanced technology can be integrated into most third-party monitoring and security systems making it the perfect choice for multi-family, condominium, residential, or commercial properties.

WaterCop® Z-WAVE

WaterCop® Z-Wave leak detection and automatic water shut-off system provides constant leak protection for 24/7 peace-of-mind. This unique solution has the ability to shut off the main interior water supply to a property and is designed to integrate with Z-Wave smart home technology (alarms and environmental controls) for remote control of and notifications for the main water supply valve.

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