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Has this Happened to YOU?

1. Are your sidewalks discolored from your untreated water sprinkler system?

2. Has the inside of your dishwasher or washing machine turned orange?

3. Does your clean glassware come out cloudy?

4. Does your soap lose its lather quickly?

5. Do your clean clothes come out of the wash dingy and yellow?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please call Patterson's Quality Water to speak with a WQA Water Specialist about the benefits of a water softener for your home or business.



Water Softeners:

A water softener will remove many troublesome contaminates including iron, water hardness, lead, radium, nitrates, manganese, and tannins.  As your water flows through the water softener system, these contaminates attach to the media bed of cation or anion resin beads, and clean water passes through to your household. Over time the resin beads will be covered in these contaminates and need to be cleansed.  That is where the salt tank comes into the picture.  The dissolved salt water flows over the resin bed and saturates the beads, knocking off the contaminates and purging them out through the drain line.  The system then purges the high concentration of salt water through the drain line and the system is back in use, ready to provide you and your family with clean fresh water!



Are you suffering with iron and sulfur in your water but do not want to deal with bags of salt? This system is similar to the water softener however, it does not require salt to make the media bed clean again.  It utilizes air to oxidize the iron, sulfur and manganese and simply backwashing these troublesome contaminate out to the drain line.  You will notice some air bubbles in your water however, this dissipates quickly.



When the incoming water has a low pH value, it will cause corrosion of copper plumbing lines in the form of pin hole leaks.   An Acid Neutralizer is installed to correct this water issue.  The water passes through a bed of calcite and as contact is made, the calcite dissolves in the corrosive water, raising the water to a healthy pH value.  This system should be serviced annually to replenish the calcite bed.



Carbon Filters and Carbon Tanks remove hydrogen sulfur gas from your water.  Hydrogen Sulfur leaves your water smelling like rotten eggs.  Carbon systems will also remove chlorine and disinfection byproducts like trihalomethanes from municipal waters.

Another more advanced method for removing strong levels of hydrogen sulfur from well water is a Peroxide Injection System.  This system injects a small amount of diluted hydrogen peroxide into the water distribution lines allowing the foul odors to diminish completely.  The water then flows into a carbon tank where the hydrogen peroxide solution is then removed, leaving your water odor and chemical free!



This environmentally friendly, chemical free Disinfection System kills 99.99% of bacteria without adding anything to the water or altering the taste of the water.  As water passes through this UV lamp with a strong wavelength, the DNA of microorganisms are destroyed so they can no longer reproduce.  This unit works 24/7 and the only maintenance is the annual replacement of the UV lamp and pre filter.



Whether you choose a Sediment Filter or Backwashing Sediment Tank, both will control the sediment, silt or sand coming into your home and protect your water using appliances.  We can determine approximately what micron rating you will need by the type of sediment you are experiencing in your water.  These systems are very easy to maintain and are very cost effective.



Say good-bye to bottled water! Our 4 and 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems reduces many contaminates including chlorine, fluoride, sodium, potassium, mercury, zinc and much more, leaving you with improved water quality for cooking and drinking.  We can provide your RO system with a designer faucet finish of your choice.

Serving Ocean • Monmouth • Burlington Counties | 732-928-0771

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